RADHIKA CHOPRA started her career in 1995 at Grey Worldwide after which in 1996 she joined RGD (Rabia Gupta Designs) where she spent 10 years contributing to the company and working on many distinctive Indian and Multi national brands.

Working on brands like CROSSWORD, COTTONWORLD, SHEETAL DESIGN STUDIO, DABHOL POWER, CHESTERTON MEGHRAJ, CHANNEL V, GOODEARTH and many others, she soon learnt that design in India had to have the essence and emotion that was at heart with our people yet could be easily placed in a global context.

In 2006 after being with RGD for 10 years Radhika moved on to start her own consultancy.

Having worked with a variety of businesses in CORPORATE, RETAIL, SOCIAL, and EDUCATION sectors, she has been influential in creating 'brands' out of 'businesses' through strategy and clever design and communication. 

Radhika believes that good design works only when form follows function. She is a firm believer that effective strategy and planning is the key to creating strategic design in branding, that works.